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Glucose Monitor

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Measuring your glucose can give you an early warning that your blood glucose is staying elevated. Chronic elevated blood glucose that does not return to baseline is considered a significant health risk. A continous glucose monitor gives you continous glucose data that enables you to understand how your habits effect glucose level in your blood stream. Your body tries very hard to maintain homeostatis or balanced blood glucose levels by removing glucose or adding glucose to the blood stream. Increasingly younger people are discovering pre-diabetic blood work. This is a simple tool to understand yourself better.

CGM As you install the meter it make a small puncture with a needle and a small black filament rests below the skin. It usually does not hurt to install it, just a slight pinch and your done. The meter uses a similiar technology to your credit card when you tap it to pay. To read the glucose data you will hold a NFC capable phone near the meter. This freestyle libra keeps about 8 hours of data. This is a huge step forward to allow a person to know their glucose level at any time. Even if you are healthy it can still teach you about your habits and how inputs interacts with your physiology. I was able to work with a nutritionist from nutrisense to help me understand the data. The meter is swapped out every two weeks, I ended up using 6 over 3 months and was able to learn how protien, fat and sugar interact with blood glucose. The needle is a little intimidating at first, but rarely hurt unless I placed the meter on a thinner part of my arm.


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