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Bench and Lamp

Built1 min read


Built in a studio apartment while battling the dust, I sanded this in the bathtub to keep the dust down. Rounded corners and angled legs. Just an attempt to keep it simple and functional. Made with hand saw, hole saw, chisel to reduce the diameter of the leg ends. Fun to build, fun to sit on. I added a cross beam under the seat to stiffen.


I have become addicted to using two part epoxy, it sticks so well to everything. It does have a learning curve as the setup time is always a little hard to predict. It goes from being very liquid to very firm faster than you may want. If it gets on your fingers you can imagine the opening scene of Amelie. In this lamp project I stuck glass to metal and it really worked well, the bond is very strong. I cut the top off this small glass pudding container using a dremel with a diamond disk while running water on the cutting surface. I was Careful not to get water on the dremel plugged into the wall, but the outlet did atleast have a gfci. The glass container was filled with silca beads from dry pack packets for light diffusion. The light source is a small 3000k LED with a ceramic G8 base that fit perfectly in a glass topo chico bottle neck I also salvaged with my dremel. The wooden base I found at a thrift store and drilled holes through it for a cloth cord.

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