Hello, I'm Jason.


I make images and learn

Jason Anderson

I am a complex human creature with many dreams, desires, and plans for the future. I am a freelance filmmaker and photographer on planet earth. My experience has taken me through the world of commercials, documentaries, short films, feature films, and still photography shoots. I keep trying to identify things I am weak at and improve. In the past couple years I have improved greatly with my ability to ask meaningful interview questions and use my camera more effectively to tell a story. Creating beautiful images, and participating on film sets with passionate people keeps me learning and pushing forward. My goal for the future is to create my own documentaries, to do so with courage, and give a voice to topics I am curious about. I want to create beautiful photographs and films. To improve my speech, my mind, my craft. To create meaning and beauty, to bring it forward. Most of all be brave, and challenge my beliefs and fears. If you enjoy my writing or photography, feel free to send me a message. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, or learning from others. I would be happy to speak with anyone, that means you.

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